Thursday, April 11, 2013

Umm Lisa, I can see your bra

Yes. Yes you can. I wanted to see if I could be one of those ladies who wears a super cute, sheer blouse and look totally amaze-balls and confident and pull it off.

Mission accomplished.

At least, I'd like to think so.

I have realized that it is not the role of the fashion blogger to be conceited and narcissistic and say - through style post after style post - "Look how gorgeous & fabulous I am...yessirree I sure am. And look at all my famous brands, and new gear yo! Aren't I so popular and have such a fabulous wardrobe, and don't you just want to look just like me?!". At least, that's not how I feel about my various Fashion Un-Able posts. I started posted my outfits and documenting my life in clothes as a way to feel awesome and confident about the choices I was making for my body. And to figure out what made me feel good and project myself truthfully. And what made me feel shitty, and less than stellar. And as my body changed, it was even more important to help me see how far I have come, and how much my identity is set in stone, and yet changing at the same time. It is visual proof that I am completely worth every extra minute spent in the Value Village change rooms of the world deciding if I could really pull off that pant suit (dear lord, no), and if that sheer blouse really was the best choice (yes!). And it is (hopefully) inspiring to other ladies people out there who feel a little less than stellar about their appearance, and the image they put out there in the world.

It does matter, but maybe not in the way you think it does.

It matters if you are hiding behind your clothes. It matters if what you look like on the outside doesn't reflect how you feel on the inside. It means something to be confident in how you look and how you hold yourself. This matters.

You don't have to be THE best dressed fashionista out there. You just need to be the best dressed YOU that you can be. This matters.

Clothes can make you feel confident, and beautiful, and powerful! This outfit makes me feel all those things. I was just going out for coffee with BFF (and I think we did a little star-gazing afterwards...hello Jupiter...), but it never hurts to "dress to impress".

And, well, let's be honest. I do these posts because I am a tad bit of a narcissist. With an ass like mine, how could you not be?

You bet that matters!

later loves


  1. whistle!

    Bought myself a sheer blouse yesterday.... a VV. You were with me n spirit the entire time.

  2. Anonymous8:49 am

    Hell ya you have a nice ass. I also love this sheer top on you and I love your sentiments in this post. If I'm being completely honest I've been feeling less than stellar about the exterior lately, so this is exactly what I needed to read today.

    Thanks, Lisa.

  3. That's exactly the reason for blogging--thanks for the reminder :-) And yeah that ass is fine!

  4. Here here! Haha, I absolutely agree with your sentiments, "You don't have to be THE best dressed fashionista out there. You just need to be the best dressed YOU that you can be." My motto in life!

    Also, I love your glasses, and I love the sheer blouse. I absolutely love wearing a sheer blouse and a black bra together -- although I admit I tend to save it for a weekend look since I work with a hella-lotta guys. ;)

    Your smile is gorgeous lady.

  5. very cool top and glasses! totally adore!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm your newest follower, I would love it if you check out my blog as well


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