Friday, April 12, 2013

Time Flies...and is stupid

I need to catch up. Catch up my thoughts, and my goals, and my head. I need to be present, and I need to reflect. I need to think less about what is going to happen tomorrow, and more about what is happening right now. I need to plant my feet, and ground myself.

I need a montage.

So...this is March. March was good to me.

Baby shower (Violett is THE CUTEST! Oh my goodness...I can't even...there are no words...) // Nadine is sad to see me go...dude....get it together.

And then we took a bunch of #iamsuchadork photos with Candace's magnifying glass. I love you guys! More than you will ever know....

Date night with BFF. We went for dinner, coffee, saw The Irrelevant Show at the Arden in St. Albert, and then finished the night off at The Bothy on High Street. This was the best night ever....laughs, and good times. This one's a keeper.

Explaining the finer points of Angry Birds to Future Auntie Trish (we miss you!!) // I love shovelling snow!

What to Wear To Work post goes live the day I quit my job!

Painted a fireplace. It's about damn time!

Student led conference...handsome & smart! Future ladies of out!

Trying out some Pinterest drinks (I don't like OJ in things...good to know) // More shovelling...geeze March...

 Lots of snow meant more sledding! And more sweet self-timer shots! (to be honest, I miss this, a lot)

 Go Oil Kings! Lucas was bored pretty much immediately after he finished this snow cone...just before the game actually started...yep. And it went in to overtime!

Date night with my husband? Say what!?!? At my recommendation we went to MKT. Beer was "on sale" ($5 draft for game night) and we had the place practically to ourselves. Delicious burger as big as my face. My kind of night!

I ate a macaron from Duchess Bake Shop. I will never be the same. Also, I will miss Cake Day at work...

Easter Egg Hunts...and some of my favourite people in the whole wide world!

Blowing bubbles...sidewalk chalk (bliss....)

Dorky smiles for the timer! Love it!!

Bathroom renos began! And then stalled right out again (boo!) // Lots of drinks...I heart gin...but I'm not picky!

So this is sort of a Flashback Friday. I mean, I only went back one month, but...whatever. I enjoyed this. I needed this. And there we are, all caught up.

If only Project Life was this easy...winkity wink! Though on that note, with me finally figuring out what was wrong with my printer Project Life begins anew...hazaah!

Do you like to look back on the month that was? Or do you prefer to only look forward, and live in "the now"? Do you enjoy some sort of gin-based drink every now and again?! Do you like me? Do you really like me? (that's the wine talking......)

later loves


  1. Love this post.

    Love all the pictures!

    March was good to you!

    I like you.... like a lot! Like love.

    Not the booze talking this morning...although I may have a "you purchased 3 pairs of prescription glasses" hangover.

  2. Anonymous11:12 am

    These photos are awesome. I'm so glad to read that March was a good month for you. If I'm honest, it was an AWFUL month for me. But things are looking up. I think April is going to be a gooder! :)

    I can't wait to see what becomes of your PL binder. Bring me the spreads!!


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