Thursday, April 04, 2013

Everybody's working for the weekend work...

Now, if you have read any of my other What to Wear posts, you have already seen what I wear to work. It is no secret that I take 82% of my fashion photos in the Spa Lady parking lot at the end of my work day, and since I don't change my clothes in between leaving work and arriving at the gym...well...

Well this time I took some shots in my parking spot. Oh yes. I have my very own (shared) spot in our heated underground parkade. Ooh la la! And that's what a taxable benefit looks like, my friends!
"new-to-me" skirt & blouse, complete with shoulder pads! // Value Village
necklace // vintage
tights // ??
boots // mall

My office is pretty "business casual". And the ladies mostly think I'm the bee's knees and always get a kick out of the random outfits I put together. Today was a new peach blouse, and blue striped skirt. Simone used the word "seersucker" which I think was a fad in the 80s, so yay me! Although, now that I'm looking back through these photos, I sort of match my office in this I've got to re-think things...hmmm.

And in our last "What to Wear" instalment, you even got a glimpse into what my work looks like! Yay dental office! Here's some more!
Me pretending to work at my desk. My (messy) desk. I was "busy" building charts, which takes up a lot of space. And if you'll look closely you'll see that I have a lovely view of a beige wall!
Remember to check out Nicole's blog post here to see the entire list of ladies playing along this week. And feel free to add your link to the list if you've got a particularly amaze-balls OOTD-While At Work post to share. Whee!!

later loves

p.s. Since Nicole was "brave" enough to post a photo herself sans makeup the other day I thought I would do the same. And "yikes" is the answer there! Wow!


  1. Your makeup-less face is absolutely gorgeous. And yay for seersucker! I had to help a friend find that fabric for a stage prop! Seersucker! Weirdest name :-) Your outfit looks perfectly snazzy for a professional look--I'd totally ask to borrow it if I had a job that needed it.

  2. Anonymous9:37 am

    You are beautiful. That yikes is totally ridick (heheh) and unnecessary.

    I like this outfit a lot! You rock a high waisted skirt like no one else!

  3. Yeah girl! Loving this outfit and getting to see where you work! I didn't wear make-up either, bc, let's get real, I sit in a cube all day. :) xo

  4. Cute outfit, that skirt is really cute!
    And you look great with out makeup! =}

  5. those first photos are really sweet; very artsy. Your shirt and glasses look great together!

  6. Love it! Esp the boots...

  7. I love this look and I really like the grungy feel of your parking garage pics. You have such cute hair! I like getting the glimpse of wear you work :)

  8. Love the outfit! It's so professional and cute!

  9. Super cute outfit! I like that blouse lots and lots!

  10. whistle. whoot. whistle.


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