Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Finding Your's probably hiding wherever you left your keys

So I have found a new blog journey to take part in! WHEEE! One door closes, and the next opens...or so they say. Or is it that a window opens? Whatever...I digress.

Do any of you know a person who's enthusiasm is contagious? One of those fabled, rare people who's happiness actually rubs off on you? Someone who brings their own sunshine, and lights up a room when they enter? Someone who makes you want to use the phrase "the bee's knees" and all those other cliches that sound corny when you say them but also kind of make you warm inside? Well, that's my Lovely Miss Kara for you.

And she thinks I'm awesome too (say what?!) and asked me to contribute some of my stories of being brave and finding my bliss to her new blog venture, Bliss-ologie. She flattered me a lot actually, and called me on the phone. So I just had to say yes!

I haven't really seen anything from the other contributors, and the blog is still "under construction" but it doesn't matter. I know it will be amaze-balls because Kara is in love with it. And sometimes that is enough.

If you too are on a journey to find your bliss in this world, or alternately you just can't get enough of me, please stop by Bliss-ologie and say hello! At least read my blurb. It's ridiculous and wonderful and completely hilarious if I do say so myself. Also, there is a picture of me wearing a
(I pinned this image, but Pinterest has changed the way you embed pins and now it's a pain in the arse, so I'm not even going to deal with that. Check out this board for more...if you are so inclined!)

later loves

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  1. Hello, my beautiful friend. YOU make my heart so very happy. I am so blessed to have you in my life. xoxo


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