Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Oh Rexy, You're So Sexy"

FYI Most of my pop-culture references come from one of three sources: Simpsons, Star Trek TNG, and Empire Records. The title of this blog post is from the latter. If you haven't seen that movie, and yet enjoy 90s culture (for its ridiculousness, please), you should go watch it. Go. Right now. I'll wait.

Anyhoo...what I wanted to chat about in this post is bikinis. My new goal-setting, brave self thought it would be a genius idea to make an "appointment" in my calendar to BUY A BIKINI before my brother's Mexico wedding in June.

Well this date is fast approaching - as his fiance and all of her friends like to keep posting on Facebook - and because of that, so is my "buy bikini" appointment with myself.

Y'know...I had a whole post written up about me overcoming my past, and being confident in myself despite the bullies that reside there in my memory. But it felt like bullshit. It felt like I was writing about what I should feel rather than what I do feel.

'Cause to be honest, I left those jackasses behind years ago. I mean, it was junior high and high school. Pretty much everyone is an asshole during those "formative" years, and I barely cared what they said back then. So why should I carry that baggage in to adulthood?

Frankly, I think I look damn hot. I've got self-confidence shooting out every which way, and I am proud that I can see how far I have come and be proud of myself! And not compare myself to any voice in my head that isn't my own.

That being said, I still need to work up to this. I need to see the changes in my body, and I need to see that date on the calendar, and I need to feel really great about myself before even attempting the great Bikini Shop of 2013.

I have no body shame issues (cause that's just silly....) but I do have concerns with the amount of flesh I will be showing off to my family (it's a family trip people) compared to what I normally show them (ummm....mostly none) and mostly I just haven't worn a bikini since I was a little kid so this is a BIG DEAL PEOPLE! A BIG DEAL!! me, at least.

But shopping has begun, and will continue in earnest. And damn are bikinis ever expensive?! What the deuce?! For so little fabric...I mean, honestly.

later loves

p.s. I am very confident that I have already used the above image in a almost 100% confident! And also 100% too lazy to go back through the archives to find it. This proves two things:
#1. I reference Rex Manning far too often to be considered healthy.
#2. I'm fricken awesome.


  1. Anonymous9:12 am

    I seriously lost it with excitement when I read the title of this post and saw the picture. Empire Records has been in my top five movies since, well, since forever!! I totally agree with your prompt that anyone who hasn't seen it needs to see it NOW!

    Also, bikinis!! I love your approach to this. Giving yourself a day to work toward and prepare for. I'll admit, I haven't worn a bikini in a year and a half or two years. I find them intimidating. Ian's allowed to see that much skin, but I don't know how I feel about the rest of the world seeing it. I'm sure, though, whatever you pick is going to look amazing on you! There are so many cool vintage looking suits out there right now that would be totally fun to wear.

    Good luck on the hunt.

  2. We mustn't dwell... no, not today. We CAN'T. Not on Rex Manning day!

  3. You are amazing! And would be smokin hot in a bikini, so go for it. But also wear what you will feel good in, so you can enjoy yourself an snot have to suck it in the whole tim

  4. Ps I am typing this from my phone so ignore all typos. Pps. I will watch empire records just for you ;) and give you my feedback.

  5. Empire Records- so fricken awesome! I bet I've seen it 50 times!
    Bikini- I just love bread too much and don't know if 'll ever see one again... and that's okay.

  6. I typed up a big comment and then my iPod ate it so I will just say
    #1 You can rock a bikini if you want to. Confidence is half the battle.
    #2 Friggin Rex Manning! Need to watch that show again.


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