Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Yam What I Yam

This post is about being comfortable in your own skin. Recognizing what you are - and what you are not- and taking pride in the unique combination of attributes that make you unique and special. And undeniably "YOU"!

It's really hard to have a conversation with another person nowadays if you haven't seen any recent movies or watched a popular TV show in over a year. I was sitting at a crop the other night, chatting with my friend, and we got on to the topic of Glee. And the lady sitting across from us, overhearing our conversation, chimes in "I love Glee". And then Nadine, who happened to enter the crop room just as this came up, chimes in as well. And then the three of them start talking about the recent episodes, and why they love it, etc. And I am left sitting there thinking about that awesome Burt Lancaster movie I watched the other night.

Y'know. The one that came out in 1964.

And today I am thinking about how beautiful and vivacious and clever and wonderful and amazing Greer Garson & Deborah Kerr were, and how they just don't make them like they used to.

I prefer to listen to the radio - CKUA & 20th Century Radio streaming on the internet - or read a book in my spare time. My favourite movie stars are long dead. I don't understand "celebrity", and TV shows hold absolutely no interest for me.

That being said, I love listening to new independent music! You know the bands that no one has heard of yet, that only get played on the indie stations? Or the artists that have been around for seemingly forever, but still haven't been "main-streamed"? Those are my faves! And I buy new music like it's going out of style.

I am a contradiction in terms. I am an old lady & a curmudgeon. I love it when technology brings me my favourite old things, but I hate new gadgets & gizmos. I am the odd (wo)man out in most conversations.

But I am completely okay with all of this. And I have zero desire to change any of that for anybody, or hide it from anyone. Because, to be honest, people seem to like me just fine the way I am! And while I may not be able to chat about the recent episodes of Glee or Dexter with most of my close friends, I have found one person who shares my love of old movies, and independent music, and shares my dislike of television. Hi BFF...

So in addition to being an old soul curmudgeon, and a dork, I am apparently a geek as well. And a Twi-lek...
I dunno...I think her figure is slightly better than mine, but at least I've always got a smile on my face!

later loves

p.s. More on my Star Wars Identities visit later, including a cute pic of "Li'ssa" and "Russ" side by side!

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  1. You love what you love. I love what I love. Just because you don't love what I love and I don't love what you love doesn't mean we're both not totally awesome... cuz we are.


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