Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flowers Flowers Everywhere, So Let's Go Have a Drink

So, this outfit was kind of totally purchased recently during my self-imposed shopping ban! Yikes! But I don't really feel bad about it, because CUTE!

blouse & trousers // Joe Fresh
shoes & sweater // Value Village

goggles // Total Focus in Edmonton

necklace & BFF badge // handmade
bangles // Value Village

Check out Nicole's blog - Gypsy in Jasper - for the full What to Wear link-up!

Inadvertently, I've shown you a little sneak peek of the next topic for WTW: at work. Speaking of at work, this is what my view out the window looked like yesterday.
And today...well...let's just say that today I was lucky if I could see that building across the street! Snow, snow & MORE SNOW!

this morning...that's our city skyline! // this afternoon...that's MY Starbucks!

Edmonton is in full-on Blizzard mode today. Rumours are the Henday is closed (say what?!) and that there is a 60 car pile-up on the QE2! Lordy! So stay safe out there if you're driving. And if not, why not a twirl or two...

later loves


  1. cuuute outfit! good thing you didn't pass up those red pants, they're pretty sweet.

  2. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Yay! I'm in mad love with this outfit. Who needs a shopping ban when there are ADORABLE clothes for sale, right? I cannot believe those shoes are from Value Village. My eyes immediately went them and went, ooooooooh, ahhhhhh. :)

    Stay safe, indeed. I read a story that said 300 people were injured in that pile up. Eeeep. Bad news bears.

  3. awww first of all, you look cute! I love your pants and shoes! and also OMG such a nice view from your office!

  4. I love everything about this outfit! especially the pants =}

  5. That sweater is ADORABLE!!!! And I love the whole outfit too!!

    The snow however, really BLOWS. Ugh.. Dumb snow! It's insane out there!

  6. I have so made purchases during shopping bans way too many times! Love the coloured jeans! And stay safe in the snow, calgary only got a little bit of it yesterday but I saw photos of the pile up and it was rediculous, lucily most people (out of the 100) weren't seriously injured, stay safe!


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