Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday!

So this story starts with a large television. Like, we're talking ridiculously hugemongantor. Like, I had to make up a word to describe the enormity of this television.

"Dad" bought a new one, you see, and had to show off all the bells & whistles & fabulous features to all who enter his basement and look as if they mean to stay awhile. So we played motion-sensor Angry Birds, and we watched the 3D food fight - most popular with the littlest dudes - and we watched a video from Heath's computer that he can "magically" pull up on the TV.

And one of those videos featured my little Dude on Halloween about 6 years ago. And what a sweet, sweet boy I have...

So chubby! He never wanted his picture taken. And I can't remember how I convinced him to dress up and drive around to all his grandparents houses to get some candy....ah, there it is. We had to go to Grandma Arlene's last because I knew once we got there he wouldn't want to leave! That year I dressed up as a Pirate and he was my dead parrot Polly. I believe I threw together these costumes that morning using stuff I had around the house.

And that was back when I had lots of hair, and wasn't working yet. And, well, this is a "before" picture...that's for certain!

How adorable are we?!

Flashback Friday is brought to you by nostalgia, memories, and the "good old days".

later loves


  1. haha such a serious little men! love it!

  2. OMG! He's adorable! Why so grumpy?

  3. Anonymous10:14 am

    He was ahead of his time. He was just trying to be an Angry Bird. :)

    Cute pics.

  4. Anonymous10:50 am

    Oh heyyyy... new header! What the what!? Looks good, lady.


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