Thursday, March 21, 2013

There isn't an ocean too deep!

So you many and/or may not have heard the word, but Google Reader is going the way of the dinosaurs. What? In a fiery blast from an asteroid, and the following nuclear winter? We can only hope...

So you'll have to find an alternate means of following perhaps on Bloglovin'...

I noticed already that some of you have moved over...Hooray!! As of yesterday I have 24 followers there! Wowee wow wow!

Alternately, you can get my posts emailed to you (*gasp) by clicking on this link! And then following the instructions provided, but of course.

Or you can use whatever feed reader is handiest to you. Kayla used the term "Feedly", but she's more tech-smart than me, and up the latest y'know, "technology" so you will have to just look in to it yourself.

Check back later on today for a What to Wear post! Hazaa! (it's "floral", if you want to play along...)

that is all
later loves

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  1. oh yeah, feedly is amazing, I already transfered your blog to mine, it's so easy and comfy to use!


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