Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Be Brave Today!

Living a creative life is important to me, but I never fear being wrong when I am making art. I fear being wrong in most every other moment in my life! HA! (groan)

later loves

Updated: That spelling mistake is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!


  1. I love this and might need this over my sewing desk! I'm such a perfectionist and have a problem with starting projects and never finishing them, because I stress over them being perfect. Grrr.

  2. very very true! I find a lot of people being afraid of critics and instead of sharing their work with the world- they're hiding it in the closet! so sad!

  3. Anonymous9:30 am

    You must LOOOOOOOOOOOOSE yourself. Ha!

  4. I wasn't gonna say anything at first, but yeah, 'loose'... *cringe*

    But the sentiment is great! I know that's a seriously sore point with me -- I'm hyper-self-critical (ask my therapist, she'll tell ya!) and it often gets in the way of me pursuing certain creative endeavors at all, or at least past a certain point (*cough*music*cough*). I'm working on allowing myself to be wrong, bad, subpar, mediocre, average, not-great, and to be okay with it because at least I gave it a shot? And I can't expect to be good at everything right off the bat?

    A long comment for a long comment. ;) I guess we bring out the wordiness in eachother!


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