Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shake What Your Momma Gave You

to ladies night...???

Umm....who picked these themes?! Oh well. I'll do my best (wink). I think the last time I've been to a real "ladies night"'s been awhile! Nowadays when I think of ladies night, I think of a night in (or out...but usually in) with my girlfriends. And what luck! I had one of those back in January to celebrate the homecoming of my gorgeous friend ViVi. Home from Australia, where she'd been living for a year. Wowsa!

And since Jill was hosting it, there was a theme. Yes. We're that kind of people. And this one was "Champage Shower" because Vivi likes champagne (duh). So we had to wear the colour champagne, or pink, cause Vivi also likes pink!
Dress // H&M via Value Village
Bracelet // H&M
 Belt // Joe Fresh
Tights // Value Village (new)

I am very interested to see what my ladies would wear to ladies night. Really, I'm expecting some outrageous and outlandish interpretations, if I know them like I think I do! (Nicole...Marci...I'm looking at you!)

Abhaya // Sondra
Exploring Woods // Sarah
Gypsy in Jasper // Nicole
lala faux bois // Lisa
Like a Small Fire // Marcia
Salvaged Strawberry // Amanda
Northern Exposure // Shayla
Let it Unravel // Stacy

And I know I never mention this, but it shouldn't really need mentioning. If any of you out there reading ye old blog want to join in on our What to Wear Adventures, please let me (or anyone) know and we'll get you riding on this here bandwagon!

later loves


  1. Anonymous8:35 am

    That dress is AWESOME, especially with the red accents. I love, love, love this outfit. Now I wish I had put on a dress for this prompt. Dammit!

  2. I love the colour of your dress!

  3. you look great, lady! love the color of your dress!

  4. love your dress! great color!

  5. Love that dress and tights combo! I have almost the same look, only the colours are reversed in mine!

  6. you are crazy cute.

  7. I want to join!!! My blogging has come to a standstill and your fashion posts are always so fun!

  8. This look is super cute! I always love mustard yellow!

    Lost in the Haze: A Fashion Photography Blog

  9. I love this dress! That is one of the best colors. In the effort of full disclosure, I haven't been to a girl's night in awhile either :)

  10. Such a pretty outfit! love it! :)


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