Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Technique Tuesday is BACK!

Well....for now. I've got another technique post going up on the TM Inspiration Blog today, so I thought I would share those layouts with you here, and maybe inspire you to head over there to check things out.

This set of layouts demonstrate how to paint on vellum, thereby creating patterned vellum in whatever colour & design you choose! Yay! I'm all about custom embellishments...

I think these are my two most favourite layouts right now. Yeppers. Pretty proud of myself with these ones...pat on the back proud!

And finally, I used gold paint AND gold glitter to create some fabulous polka dotty vellum.

So, are you headed off to paint on some vellum yet? Go get 'em Tiger!

later loves

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  1. Anonymous11:50 am

    My gosh, you are one fancy scrapbooker. I love all of the small details that turn into big beautiful pages. The sparkles. The stamps. The vellum. So gorgeous. My favourite spread is the last one, by far. There's just so much gorgeous going on!


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