Friday, February 01, 2013


Eating // Damn! I forgot to eat breakfast again!

Drinking // Coffee...damn predictable self.

Listening // Ben Sures' Gone to Bolivia (apparently, I just can't get enough...)

Enjoying // The above exchange between my brother & Ben Sures last night on Facebook! HA!

Laughing // Dude is home from school today (PD Day) and he keeps asking me if he can play another game on the iPad. And his voice is pretty much completely gone, so he has to walk over to me to do it. And squeak it out!

Loving // The fact that I CLEANED OFF THE TOP OF MY FRIDGE last night! That's a big deal people...I'm going to ride this cleaning wave into the future!

Looking forward to // Working many of my favourite people will be there.

Thinking // I have a (pretty damn) wonderful life.

Today is feeling like it's going to be a PRODUCTIVE DAY! I have been so tired lately - my body really wants to succumb to this sick that's going around - but I am determined not to just laze around today. I'm finally in a place where I feel motivated and inspired to clean up and de-clutter and organize and create and all those good things! And I need to take advantage of that feeling and not devolve to my previous state of procrastinating ignorance.

Wish me luck!

later loves


  1. Anonymous11:05 am

    I need to hop on the de-cluttering bandwagon. I was looking at my craft table last night thinking, "ughhhhh." Ugh doesn't inspire. It encourages procrastination and laziness. I need to beautify and simplify!

    Good luck with your day. xo

  2. yay see you later tootsie roll!

  3. Ha I forget to eat breakfast pretty often too! Love this!

  4. I never, ever, eat breakfast - I can't handle food that early in the morning!

    I love that you cleaned the top of your fridge - perhaps you'd like to do mine?


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