Friday, February 01, 2013

UPDATED! February (Bathroom Reno) Goals

I want to spend the next month focusing on my bathroom renovations that have totally stalled right out! It I make my goals specific enough, I think I can "git er done".

#1. Go to Tile World and pick out the tile for the floor, and then buy it!

#2. Write up a "timeline" of the order in which things need to happen, and a list of purchases to make (sink, cabinet, plumbing stuff, etc.).

#3. Put the white shelving unit on Kijiji and get it out of my house!

And since I always make FOUR goals for myself every month...
#4. it?! No wait. HAVE PEOPLE OVER FOR DINNER! Yes. That one is more fun, aka better. And that will give me even more incentive to get the task done...if there is a guarantee that the general public will see if before the month is out!

These are all good starter steps for me, to get me moving forward. They are small tasks, and totally working with the "do-able" theme, yet important enough that if they don't happen, the reno won't happen either!

If you are like me when it comes to setting goals that seem to lofty and too "large", and therefore never ever get done, start small, and start do-able. Break apart the final outcome in many small achievable steps and set yourself deadlines for each step. Every check on your list means you're closer to your goal, but not overwhelmed by the enormity of the goal itself!

UPDATED: And since I just love Nicole (and was planning on doing this anyway) I thought I would share a before picture of the offending bathroom...

Obviously I need to do some cleaning first....that target doesn't belong there...wink! But the Scientific American is there to stay!

later loves


  1. Your goal-setting abilities always astound me. Especially sinve you also share your breakdown of why you set the goals that you did. I keep reading, hoping it'll eventually rub off on me!

  2. Anonymous9:41 am


    Also, your package is sealed up and ready for the post office. I hope you're excited. I know I am!

  3. Lowes has waaaay better tiles then Tile World - and way cheaper - just saying ;) love, the girl who spent her entire summer looking at tiles (ugh!)


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