Monday, January 28, 2013

Power Leopard, I Mean Breakfast

Howdy Peeps! I thought I would share with you today my delicious "power breakfast" that keeps me full until early afternoon. No mid-morning snacking for this gal after a bowl of this! And did I mention it's gluten free and JAM-PACKED FULL of protein and fibre and omegas and fairy dust and unicorn glitter? Well, maybe I made up those last two items, but it's still full of lots of "good for you" kind of stuff!
Chia Seeds
Quinoa Flakes, Coconut flakes, whole almonds
Raw pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds
peanut butter, frozen blueberries
coconut milk

keep in mind: If you don't have whole almonds, use slivered ones. Or pecans. Or cashews.
If you don't have pumpkin seeds, don't worry about it!
And if you come from one of those magical places that can purchase fresh raspberries at this time of year without re-mortgaging your house, use those instead!

I like "recipes" that I can fiddle with, and tweak as I go along. It's way better for my sanity and my follow through! And remember that all the stuff you put in shouldn't have any added salt or sugar. Or added anything really. We are looking for real ingredients, real food. All of the ingredients in this recipe are full of vitamins and nutrients and ENERGY that occur naturally! Say what?!

I eat this slowly throughout the morning, and I literally don't feel any cravings or hunger pains until actual lunch time. While all the other ladies at work are eating their lunches at 11:00am, then snacking the afternoon away!

Remember that seeds & nuts are high in fats and calories so you only need a little sprinkle of them. I think I add maybe 5 almonds to the whole big bowl.

First things first, I add some water to a bowl (or plastic container if this is coming to work with me). Then I add my chia seeds to let them soak, usually just under a tablespoon. These guys plump up quite nicely when wet! And then I throw everything else in the bowl and give it a stir! And that is that!

Yeah....I don't measure anything for this recipe, or for most recipes to be honest. I mostly just want to show you that you don't needs lots and lots of each ingredient. It's the combination of everything, the variety that's important!

And I warm mine up, cause I apparently like a warm breakfast!

This is the breakfast that I prep for two days in advance, then take to work so I don't have to mess around with it in the morning. I keep all of my ingredients on the same shelf in my disaster of a tiny "pantry" so they're easy to grab and clean up after. The rest of the ingredients are in the fridge.

Oh, and if you like a little extra sweet, add some maple syrup. And please would you splurge and buy the real stuff, and not that "maple-flavoured" liquid sugar garbage? You'll thank me for it!

Do you have any fun "superfood" recipes?
Do you have any fun recipes involving, say, Cheetos?
we're equal opportunity here on the blog!

later loves


  1. I am the laziest breakfast-maker in the world. When I was working in the office, I would bring a granola bar and an apple. Now that I work at home, I eat a bowl of cereal... and that's if I make the effort to get off the couch and walk to the kitchen. I know it's the most important meal of the day, but for some reason, I prefer lunch! Ha.

    This concoction looks interesting. I might have it give it a go. And, goodness knows, there will be maple syrup on mine.

  2. So this might have to be my new breakfast go-to. This with one of those fancy-ass green juices I've been making lately would probably win me the Healthiest Person on Earth award...

    Fun story about real maple syrup: my fiance works part time at a breakfast/brunch place called Sam's Log Cabin, where they offer pancakes with real legit maple syrup. Some dude came in and asked for a little *teapot* FULL of hot maple syrup... he eventually ended up paying close to five dollars for the syrup alone because that stuff is NOT cheap. It's not the stuff you get at ihop, a little goes a long way!


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