Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Look! An InfoGraphic!

And a useful one at that! Just in case this is your first stop by my blog this year (what is wrong with you?!), I will pre-empt this post with a little disclaimer: I LOVE MAKING RESOLUTIONS! And I have made a whole whack-load already this year. I consider this blog to be a great tool in keeping myself accountable (to myself...) when it comes to realizing my goals, and following through. I hope you get something out of some of my ramblings. And if not, here is a well-designed (by someone else) graphic that might help you even more!

Setting Goals Infographic

Thanks to OnlineEducation.net for this cool graphic!!


  1. You're so adorable. Your enthusiasm has almost convinced me to make goals for the new year. :-) Almost.

  2. How does one set a goal to "fall in love"?????

    Otherwise, I do love your post :)


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