Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Take A Class" - the vaguest goal ever set!

So, this has been on my mind a lot lately. "Taking a class" that is. So much so, that it made it on the Grand Goal List for 2013! I absolutely loved learning about new things in school, and sometimes still wish I had the gumption (& money...& time) to go back full-time. But for now, a simple online class will have to do.

I jumped right in to this goal, both feet first, and signed up for Aby Garvey's Simplify 101 "Quick & Simple Clutter Control" the first week of January. I figure "quick" is handy, because even though I have been backing off on some responsibilities, I feel I have less and less time to get things done. And "simple" fit right into all of my other goals (and thoughts, and aspirations) for the year. And clutter....well, I've got loads of that! I'm drowning in that!

The online workshop started (officially) on January 3rd, and while I am actually kind of completely an idiot when if comes to figuring out online classes set up like this - steep learning curve - I actually posted something in the forum (gasp!) and followed the first couple of prompts (egad!).

The class is done now, and as per usual, I faded out after week one. Ha! But I actually got a lot from the class, took some steps to keep the clutter at bay, and did some cleaning! Say what?!

This first step towards expanding my horizons was a positive one! And it was a good first step toward taking more classes, and maybe even - gasp - something live and in person! Tee hee! It's also a great tie-in to my "one little word" that is going to shape my year....that I am still not ready to share. Which actually, is a problem that my OLW should address...hmmm. Progress, people. Growing & progress & becoming a better person, & blah blah blah.

later loves


  1. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Who knew classes like that existed!? I sure didn't Good for you for giving a go... even if you did peter out after a week. What's the next class gonna be?

  2. mmmm... try square dancing class?

  3. Take a card class... I know a great instructor. ;)


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