Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Best Friends Make For Best Scrapbooking

Yessirree...they certainly do!

This one's going to have some mushy journaling in that glassine envelope...awwww!

Can you tell I am in love with turquoise-red-grey right now as a colour combination?!

I also love stamping on pattern paper, tiny sticker letters, and mixing fonts. And BFF...awwww! Oh, and giant beers with funny names!

I originally wanted to add more glitter to this next one, but we'll see. It's already got me out of my element quite completely - PINKS & BROWNS?! - so I don't really know what to do with it! HA!

I did forget to add that fourth picture though. Oops!

This reminds me, I really need to do one up with those photos of Nicole in the Button Dress from Beyond....hmmm...give me a minute...

And done! She's such a cutie! And I still cannot get over that "dress" haunts my dreams.

Using some oldies but goodies on this one. And some new stuff too. Apparently, arrows are where it's at yo!

And that is all for today! Scrapped on Lucas' last sick day off from school (way back on January 24). But I got the day off too, so it all worked out in the end?! It's a super fake Friday though, so it feels very very strange to be out and about. In fact, Lucas & I just drove halfway across Mill Woods to get to a Tim's with a drive-through, only for him to tell me he wanted to go inside and look at the donuts! And then once we got inside he said he only wanted an apple juice, and when I told him we had apple juice at home, he said "okay, let's just go home." And then I got trapped by some giant plows....and, least we got his homework picked up from school. Y'know. The school that's next door. It's Adventure Time!

later loves


  1. I love these layouts!

  2. I love your scrapbook spreads--they are the best combination of clean yet quirky and original design. And um wow that dress is definitely an image that stays with you!

  3. These are my favorite LO's of yours so far! And the pictures are the best! LOVE IT! NOw where the frick is my page?

  4. I love them all- especially the pink woo hoo!

  5. Anonymous10:31 am

    Bahahaha! Yes. I am so stoked that I have my very own page. And I am also stoked that we documented that dress. It seems just when I forget how bad it was, you show it to me again. Ha.

  6. I LOVE your layouts Lisa!! So much inspiration here!!


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