Friday, January 25, 2013


eating: nothing at this moment, but I really need to remember to eat lunch today....

drinking: coffee #3, followed closely by a faked orange cream slush.

listening: Ben Sures, in preparation for his concert tonight. Yo! BFF!

doing: organizing and sorting through all the old stamps my Dad gave me (and taking photos, and figuring out a potential "for sale" type situation!)

wanting: this and this. Oh my, and this very badly. I know it's not my birthday or anything, but if any of you want to treat me to something just for being a) Me, and b) Awesome! any of these would be amazeballs!

wishing: Lucas was feeling better. Poor little guy...

thinking: I worked out everyday this week, and I am damn proud of myself for it!

feeling: "I just so desperately want for you to think that I am this super-awesome person, because I think YOU are a super-awesome person..."

Is anyone out there at all interested in taking any of these stamps off my hands? I've got about 50 that I am ready and willing to part with! As far as I can tell with the ones I have tested so far, they all stamp perfectly fine. They are all from my Dad's engineering department, so they have words on them like: revision, paint, prep, ship, approved for construction, and engineering department. They are about 30 years old, but I am reluctant to call them "vintage" cause then that means I am also vintage....hmmm.

I'll be posting photos of them somewhere in the next couple of days or so. They are each $2, but you'll have to pay for shipping if I have to mail any to you. I'm also thinking I might drop some off at Treasured Memories, so if you're local....

later loves


  1. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Those stamps are rad, although I don't know I have any use for them. And those earrings are to die for. So cute!

    Umm.. so.. I am going to make you a toque and send it (way to spoil the surprise, I know!), but I can't decide on colours for you. I made one the other night and then decided it was TOO hippy and maybe a bit too masculine. The colours just weren't quite right. So, help! Options are: navy blue, red or forest green. Text me your choice, please!

    Oh! And have an awesome time at the concert tonight. xx

  2. The constellation necklace is pretty nifty!


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