Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Merry Happy Christmas T-shirt...or whatever

on Christmas Morning!

So, I'm almost a week late on this post! But I have a good excuse! Immediately after Christmas Morning I hopped on a plane and headed to Disneyland! We just got back last night, so this is the first time I am sitting down at a computer. Russ brought his laptop with us, but that was so he could play Civilization or Immigration, or whatever his game is called on our "day off".

For me, Christmas morning comes fast. Dude is a morning person (who's child is he?) so we are up early every morning, Christmas included. And while he's not one of those uber excitable kids who is up at 3AM banging on your door and demanding that Santa's presents be revealed, he does head down the stairs immediately. And so we must follow. What does all of this mean for my fashion? It means pajamas, and a pair of cozy socks. It means bad hair, no makeup, and nothing fancy!
And lots of coffee.

And then I actually get dressed, and we go to my Dad's place for presents and breakfast. This year it came earlier than normal, and with less people over there to visit with. But we got to watch the Disney parades (and prepare Lucas for what was coming!) and hang out with my Dad & step-mom before we headed to the airport. Also, Heather fed us so she's my favourite.

And I got to wear real clothes! HA! And yes....I got underpants for Christmas. From my grandma. She is kind of the best!

This is Dude & I watching the Disney stuff. It was pretty cool to see the real thing a couple of days later!

Dude & I inadvertently dressed for the next "What to Wear" post as well! Stripes!!  And I think this is currently my only striped item in my closet, so I better think fast before January 10th....or at least make a trip to Value Village! HA! Also, I apparently have a tree growing out of my head. I need to find me a new official photographer. Sorry Russel, but I think you're out of a job!

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I am busy catching up on blogging and blog-reading today. And then later we are headed to my mom's to eat....because we have no food in our house! Happy New Year peeps! 

later loves


  1. great post; and welcome back! hope you had an amazing time.
    I love your coffee mug; so cute. It cracks me up that your grandma got you undies. :)

  2. A) Welcome home!!!
    B) I want to hear all about Disneyland.
    C) I LOVE that striped shirt and I think it belongs in my wardrobe.
    D) Undies from grandma. AWESOME.
    E) Thanks for posting this despite being away. You're the best.
    F) Can we go to VV together while I'm in Edmonton next week? Maybe we can both find some stripey goodness to wear!!
    G) Hi!

  3. Super cute! And very comfortable looking, as is perfect for the holiday :-)


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