Wednesday, January 02, 2013

December Book List & 2012 Wrap Up

First, the December list.

The Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin (ibook)
Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis (borrowed from Nadine)
The Hobbit by Tolkien (borrowed from Dan)
This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel (library + YA)
One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde (Kindle app)
The Woman Who Died Alot  by Jasper Fforde (Kindle app)
Fantastic Voyage by Isaac Asimov (second hand)
The Proving Trail by Louis L'Amour (Kindle app)

Recommended: I can't say enough about Wheat Belly! I was spouting off wheat-related trivia all month thanks to that book! And I am even more determined to start - and finish - 2013 with no wheat in this here belly. It was a real eye-opener, and I recommend it for anyone who is at all concerned with what you are putting in to your body. Even if you are not a dieter, celiac, or have a wheat allergy or sensitivity.

I am now officially in love with Louis L'Amour. I really enjoy "westerns" of any kind (Annie Proulx and Cormac McCarthy come to mind), so I sort of can't believe I hadn't read any Louis L'Amour before this one, which I completely picked at random from the large list on Amazon. I know BFF has a bunch, and the regular library does as well, so I think 2013 is going to be filled with these. He writes plainly, and beautifully, and his stories are exciting and full of adventure! I'm not really sure what else to say...I just love them.

I am also now a huge fan of Isaac Asimov. I picked up a bunch of books at my last Value Village shopping spree (with that was a long time ago!) and while I have only finished one so far, I am looking forward to reading the rest this year and picking up more. If you are at all a fan of science and science fiction, I highly recommend these. He was a clever guy, and could merge scientific fact with fantasy and futuristic concepts very well. Some parts were a little boring, or felt a little too forced, but overall the story was great. And so campy and kitschy!

Meh: I love Jasper Fforde, and his Thursday Next series.....but.....these last two books were kind of boring. And the word play and the side jokes and all of that got old fast. What was new and quirky in the first couple of books, is overdone and feels forced in these last ones. Still good, but if you're going to pick up a Jasper Fforde I recommend The Eyre Affair and Shades of Grey. Not the dirty book. Geeze.

And now, the wrap up.

I cannot believe that I read 71 books this year! HA! In your face "52 Books Challenge". I know I have lots of favourites throughout the year, but I am most excited about all the new authors and series that I discovered! Terry Pratchett, Louis L'Amour, Douglas Adams, Stephen Leacock...hmmm, now that I am reading that list I realize that these were all discoveries thanks to BFF. Dude! HA!

I think I will do up a separate post for next year's goal and aspirations, or resolutions, or whatever you want to call it. It works really well for me to keep up and keep accountable. And to keep track of all these books!

Does anyone want to play along with me? I was thinking of doing some sort of book club in the new year, but I didn't really get any response to that request. So how about just listing the books you are reading on your blog? Or giving me some recommendations based on what's in your library. And if no one joins me on this new adventure, that's will still get to read about mine here!

later loves


  1. I am the worst for making time to read. I probably read about 15-20 books this year, which isn't terrible, but it's no 72.

    While I was sick last week, I picked up H.G. Wells' Invisible Man and gobbled it up in a couple of sittings. (I picked that one up at VV while we were shopping last time.) Next on my list is Anomaly by Anne Flemming, another of the books I got that day.

    I wish I could commit to a book club, but I know I'd for sure let you down.

    Good job on the, dare I say, excessive reading this year! ;)

  2. Just discovered your blog. I hadn't thought of reading Louis d'Amour, but will try out one soon.


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