Thursday, January 03, 2013

Book-Learning 2013

Even though I completely conquered by goal last year - by 20 books, mind you - I thought I would keep to the same number again this year. I hate goals with lots of added pressure, so I'm keeping it simple. And if I manage to beat my goal again, well, awesome! I have changed some of my "guidelines" from last year's list based on how those went for me.

My Guidelines:
#1. At least 15 books must be from the library.
#2. At least 15 books must be either borrowed from other readers, or purchased second-hand.
#3. At least 3 must be non-fiction.
#4. E-books, re-reads & graphic novels count towards the total. Comic books and magazines don't.

I'm not sure how I am going to document my ongoing list, but I still like how I did it last year. One post a month, with a page dedicated to the full list (accessible through the "menu" at the top of the blog).

I may or may not do reviews, because I am actually terrible at writing reviews and writing about books. It reminds me too much of high school and University, and my mind goes completely blank when I have to describe a writing style or how the author uses metaphor as a social commentary on the state of current pop culture, blah blah blah! Who wants to read that?!

If anyone wants to join me in creating a "read more" goal this year, I would be happy to chat with you about it! Heck, I would be happy to talk books with any other human, at this point.

I was lucky enough last year to borrow a bunch of books from BFF, a couple from Dad, and even one from Nadine! I really enjoy recommendations, and as long as you don't mind dog eared pages and creases in the spine I would love to borrow some books from you! That being said, I would love to lend out any of my books as well. If any on my list catches your eye, please let me know and I'll send it your way. (One of my other goals this year is to reach out through the blog more, and get more reader-participation, but that's another post.....)

later loves


  1. This is such a cool goal! I love that your diversifying your sources. I'm so so so so bad about using the library and lending from friends. I just buy them all, but then I'm always happy about lending to friends! What's on your list? I might have a couple!


    Yes, Caps were necessary there. I'm so excited. I feel this is going to be it for me when it comes to reading more. (I hope that's true!)

    I tried to start reading Anomaly two nights ago and, I'm hoping it was because of my foggy sick brain, I couldn't get past the first page. Womp womp.


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