Friday, January 04, 2013

Goals for 2013

Last year I made four goals for myself. Four simple, far-reaching, general & beautiful goals that I knew would be tough but not impossible to keep up with for the entire year. And I think I did pretty damn awesome in accomplishing them! And keeping myself accountable through the blog. Very well done, if I do say so myself.

So this year, I thought I would try it again and hope for the best. No pressure. No lists. Nothing too crazy. Just easy, life-fulfilling stuff. Stuff that I can accomplish at little bit at a time, throughout the year.

#1. Read 52 Books.
#2. Take a class.
#3. Clean out my studio.
#4. Do something that I am proud of, and that I am passionate about.

I posted my "Read 52 Books" goal yesterday, but I don't think I'm going to do up separate posts for the other ones right away. January is a long - and busy - month, and I'm sure there will be time for all of that once I have had a chance to flesh out all the details! I am also going to continue with my monthly mini goals, because that was fun last year as well! I'll have my January list up next week.

I do have a "one little word" in mind, which will hopefully come in to play with all of this goal-setting and goal-accomplishing. But I am not going to share it here...yet. We'll see how January plays out before I get into all of that!

Are any of you out there "goal-setters" or "resolution-makers"?
Do you have a One Little Word for 2013?

A lot of my inspiration for all of this goal-setting comes from other ladies "out there" in the blog-world. Specifically, I really love Elise's, Ginger's, Nadine's & Nicole's posts for the new year. These are my blog & real-life role models....awww! I am really paring down the number of blogs I read (and the amount of Internetting I do) this year. I want to feel inspired, and informed, and find out what my friends are up to. And I want to laugh and enjoy things, but not spend my whole day on the web! That's not too much to ask, is it?

later loves


  1. Anonymous10:36 am

    Oh my gosh. I need to pare down too. I am on overload. I can't keep up with everyone and why should I? I go through phases where I want to see what EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is doing and then I get burnt out and go back to my tried and true faves, like you!

    Good goals. What kind of class are you thinking of?

  2. Amen sister! You know, more and more of the bloggers I read are saying much of the same thing - less internet, less computer time etc. I'm feeling pretty good about this myself. Anyway - I read your book challenge and I am in such awe of how many you managed to read last year! Because of you and another blogger I read, you have both inspired me. Your book reviews are always something I look forward to :) BTW - if I have a book you are interested in, I am totally good with sharing :)

    I was wondering the same thing - what type of class are you thinking of?

  3. You inspire me too!
    Great goals!

  4. Arg... I had a long, awesome comment and it disappeared. The gist..... You're awesome!


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