Monday, January 07, 2013


I actually really love this month! It is time for fresh perspective, and a "new start". I like looking forward to the year to come, and reminiscing about the year that was. And I love making resolutions and goals. But mostly, I just love winter. Say what?! People complain about Edmonton's weather all the time out here! Mostly transplants, non-native E-towners. And truth be told, I am sick of it! If you think it's so cold, and miserable and terrible, either move the heck outta Dodge, or actually pay attention and go outside and feel the freshness in the air! It's awesome in Edmonton this time of year....according to Lisa!

So my January goals are focused on appreciating, and enjoying the great outdoors! And the beauty that is Edmonton in the winter.

1. Make a snowman and 2. Go sledding are ones that don't require a lot of prep or lead time. I can pretty much just wander outside my door and do it. 3. Finish my December Daily will be interesting, because I have a history of not finishing projects like this. But it's important to me, and I'm so close to finishing. It would be a shame if I left it without making that final push. 4. Rent some cross-country skis and put them to good use. I am very excited to try and get out to do some skiing this month! I used to cross-country ski with my grandparents quite often when I was a kid. And I really enjoyed myself! I'm sure I can find a rental place easy enough in town, and I know of a couple of places just outside of town that have good trails. This is something that is just for me, and will help me stay active and get out of the house without always having to go to the gym. (Go to the gym is also on my master list this month!)

Four is the new normal for me, goals-wise. Four is do-able, and manageable, and a nice even number! January is the month of goals, people! Why don't you jump on this beautiful bandwagon with me, and share some of your goals in the comments. I would love to know how you are celebrating the new year, and all the potential it holds.

later loves


  1. Anonymous3:12 pm

    That outfit is awesome.
    Your goals are amazing...

    AND I'M IN YOUR CITY! Oh, and you're right, it's gorgeous. The sun was shining so bright and warm today. I love it.

    See you tomorrow, perhaps?!?!

  2. Don't forget Ice on Whyte! Coming up soon.

  3. You look fabulous, as usual. I don't mind winter, so far it's been good but I will always think it's just too damn long.... And too dark.


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