Thursday, December 13, 2012

Road Trip!?

This week is supposed to be "What to Wear on a Road Trip". But, as you might assume from past WTW posts of mine, it will quickly turn in to something completely different. But first...
Howdy! For me, road trips are all about comfort + style. Jeans are safe, cause I think jeans are comfy, and also stylish enough that if I have to get out of the car to make a bathroom run with Dude I don't want it to look like I've been sleeping in a car for the past hour!

A sweater is also a must have. Russel likes to crank the air conditioning, like, really crank the sucker, and I am usually freezing by about 10 seconds in to the trip. But will he take his damn sweater off and give me a little break with the blasts of freezing cold air all over my body? No. That would be silly!

Look! My Christmas tree! It's kind of pathetic this year as I didn't want to go through the hassle of getting the big tree out from the basement if we're not even really going to be here for the big day (more on that later).

I'm only going to sort of half-assedly apologize for the shitty quality and low quantity of my photos today. I am currently fighting a bitch of a head cold, and yesterday I started out a teensy bit hungover (I know, I know....on a "school night" and everything) so I was looking a totally worse for wear last night. After supper I took a quick nap on the couch before heading out to the Christmas event of the season: Dude's Christmas Concert!

Kids Christmas concerts are part ridiculous, part boring, and lots of parts cute and cuddly and hilarious!

Now, Dude knows how to "bring it" for What to Wear! Maybe I should have him take over this series! HA!

But seriously....check out my ladies with their clever Road Tripping fashions:

And don't forget to spread some blog-love on this lovely winter morning!

Coming up on the blog:
More on the Christmas concert (Dude sang!)
I scrapbooked!
December Daily & Project Life updates
And if I can get my shit together, a Christmas craft! Say what?!

later loves


  1. You two look smashing in your plaid. Whenever I write the word plaid or think the word plaid, my brain immediately goes to this spoof YouTube video...
    If you don't want to watch the whole thing, at least go to the three minute mark and see what she has to say about good ol' plaid.

    Sorry to hear about the head cold, pal. I hope you ditch it before the big trip. Take care of yourself and drink some lemon ginger tea! xx

  2. Loving the plaid on you and your lil' dude! I'm totally with you- I like to be comfy but not pajama comfy for making pit stops :) I'm impressed with your tree- we aren't going to be here for the holidays either so we lazily decided not to get the decorations out this year. I know, for shame... :)

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I'm so jealous of your polkadot pants! THey're super cute. Along with the rest of your outfit.

  4. This is exactly what I would wear on a road trip. I am all about the comfort! We are not going to be here for the holidays (we always go out of state), and we didn't decorate last year, so this year I actually did HAUL everything from the basement, and it was a lot of work, but the house is a festive wonderland and it makes me smile 100 times a day, so I think it was worth it! :) And your lil guy is so cute, too! :)

  5. You look cute and comfy - perfect for a roadtrip! I am especially loving the polka dot and plaid combo, so adorable!
    Hope you're having a great day!
    xo Hannah

  6. I think I have those pants! Did you get them from Target?! love 'em. :) I like your mismatched socks and plaid too. Ugh, air conditioning?! brrr!

  7. ah, I totally forgot you don't have Target yet. Funny thing is my hubby works for Target, and his boss (well, she just quit, but whatever)'s Dad is a head honcho in Target and just moved there to start up Target Canada! silly me... wooo, hopefully you'll get one soon, they're kind of awesome. :)


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