Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another "Successful" Photo Shoot!

Every year we take a "Christmas Card Photo"....that I add to our Christmas cards. Self-explanatory, I think. This year we didn't get a chance to do one in the fall. But on the first weekend in December my Mom wanted to get a photo of the big group of us for her Christmas cards, and so I thought while we were at that.....

Awww! We're so cute!

Gots to get some goofy ones in as well. For good measure and all that.....

Dude & Captain were SO MAD that they had to sit for a whole five minutes and get their pictures taken. I think they freaked out for longer than the whole photo shoot took! Evan is the smart one. He just sat and played with his toes until we were ready.

And in case you're interested, here are some Christmas Card Photos from the Ghost of Christmas Past...

And the Final Good-Kercher-McGarvey Family photo. Another year is coming to a close....and we are still looking pretty damn awesome!
Standing l-r: Heath, Sean, Amy, Russ, Lisa
Sitting l-r: Jacob, Arlene, Evan, Lucas

(and then I promptly went and scrapbooked the darn thing....cause that's how I roll!)
Hello Studio Calico November kit!

later loves


  1. Aw, what a cute little family! We thought about doing a Christmas card this year, but it just didn't happen. Gotta try again next year ;)

  2. It's crazy to see Dude grow up in those photos and to see how your hair and body have changed. Looking good, Lisa.

    I like this year's goofy photo of you and "Captain"! So cute.

    1. My hair! I know!! Isn't it strange!? I used to be a (sort of) blonde.

      And also, I'm way hotter now, so there's that! (Wink)

    2. I think the glasses help the hot-factor, as well.

      You're one good lookin' mamacita. xx

  3. Wow! Love the pictures. Everyone is looking so good!

  4. aww so cute I love all the big smiles here! you and your little fam loook so sweet. glad you're enjoyign teh holidays.

  5. I got your Christmas card today!!! And I love love love your family picture!

    Paul opened the envelope before I got home and it went a little something like this:

    P - "Do you have a new friend?"
    Me - "Um. What?"
    P - "Yeah, like a new friend who has no idea how to spell my last name so she went with yours" (His last name is incredibly complicated and you wouldn't have known it anyway, lol!)
    Me - "What in the world are you talking about?"
    P - "Well, I can't remember her name, but she sent a picture of her and her husband and her kid and I was all like "Who is this? I don't know this person!""
    Me - "Um. Lisa?"
    P - "THATS IT! So she's your friend? You like, know, her?"

    Boys ;) They're crazy. And in my defense, I have spoken your name to him before, so he's the dumb one!! Haha!


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