Monday, December 10, 2012

Clever Instagrammers!

Sometimes I wonder what I would do without Instagram. That may seem dramatic to some (most), but for me it is a wonderful tool! I get to see what my best pals are up to, and share in their small joys of everyday life. And I in turn get to share with them, and document all those moments that are forgotten as easily as they come.

My cousin got married in October, and his wife is herself an Instagrammer. She created a wedding hashtag to be used by her guests, so we could all share in each other's small wedding moments!

She's a clever lady! It's fun to do a little search and look through other people's pictures. I've got a couple of my cousin's on this layout, that I just couldn't do without.....they have cooler filters than I do! (wink)

I have been using my Instagrams quite heavily in my Project Life binder (yes...I'm at it again). And it has really helped me to anchor each day with a doodle/deep thought in my moleskine. Most of the time I don't have my official camera with me, and if I want to "capture a moment" I do it with the (gigantic, cumbersome, stupid-looking) iPad....and share it on Instagram.

I document waiting, and funny news, and beer loves, and work woes, and sushi kisses.

Instagram suits me just fine!

If you're on Instagram you can follow me @formerlylisas

My profile is private, because I just can't stand the thought of random creepers checking out pictures of me, and dude, and my fabulous scrapbooking!

later loves


  1. Anonymous9:19 am

    As a Blackberry user, I don't have the pleasure of using Instagram, which is a huge bummer. The program is so much better than the stupid one the Blackberry has. One day in the future, I will upgrade to a stupid touch screen iPhone, just so I can add you to Instagram. :)

    1. Droids have Instagram now! Don't get a stupid iPhone (says the lady who just noticed that the next two comments come from friends with stupid iPhones!)

  2. PL! Yeah! Slow & steady wins the race.... Ha! I really like this layout and what a great idea to hash tag her wedding!

    1. I used that feather vellum in my SC kit! Yay me!

  3. You know I'm new at the whole Instagram thing but I LOVE it!!! I agree - I like the instant connection/ability to comment on what friends are up to. It is an amazing and easy way to continue the documentation of our lives. I am using it in my PL album and cannot wait for the new AC photo protectors :)

    I have a question though - I thought if you were private you would not be able to share hashtags, err I guess what I mean is, the hashtaggers would not be able to see your photo? True? False?

    PS - love your layout!!

    1. Re: hashtags & privacy. True, but I can still see them! Also, I find that most (other) people don't have private accounts. Maybe one day I'll "go public" but until then I'll just keep hashtagging things for my own pleasure and reference!


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