Friday, December 14, 2012

Done and Done

December Goal Accomplished!

I know it seems a little ridiculous, because I scrapbook "for myself" all the time. But when I wrote these goals, I was coming off a two week create-to-work cycle. I made two mini album kits for TM, and that takes a lot of time. And when you're done, it seems like all of your creative energy has been zapped, never to return again.

Or at least, not right away.

This goal was a reminder to get back in to things, without feeling the pressure of a deadline. And to create, just for creation's sake. And to enjoy myself, and maybe have a rum in the process! (It was a regular rum, so I can't cross off #3 yet!)

And then...

 Both layouts features photos take at the #andersongoodwedding. Good times indeed!

For the scrapbookers: Both layouts feature paper and embellishments from the latest Studio Calico kit. And a really (really) old fabric letter!

later loves


  1. Two great pages - it's fun to scrap just for yourself, and it shows!

  2. Loooove your pages! I totally understand your "scrapping for yourself" - the last things I made (and though I totally enjoyed making them) were my layouts for TM and also two mini albums that I sold, so the self gratitude sort of got lost there in the mix of nothing actually staying at my house, haha!

    You're really rocking the SC kit :) Mine is still sitting in the box. Unopened. I am a horrible, horrible person. Aargh!


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