Monday, December 17, 2012

Project Life - It Is What It Is

Week....ah fuck, I haven't been keeping track. The fact that I have even done any pages this past month & a bit is a Christmas miracle in and of itself. If I knew what week of the year it was, I would expect to see a Unicorn prance through my living room. That is the proper term, right? "Prance"? is an update of sorts on how Project Life has been treating me lately! For those of you readers who have no idea what "Project Life" is, or perhaps think it is something related to the penal industry....umm....well.....enjoy the pretty pictures!

Also....remember this post? It doesn't really matter if you do or not. I just thought I would give myself some props on this here blog with TWO 2013 GOALS COMPLETED!
p.s. I'm not really concerned with #3 anymore. I've been drawing/doodling in my moleskine every night, so that sort of counts in my books!

later loves

real p.s. I'm not sure if I want to do a write up about my actual experience with Project Life, how I organize it, and what kinds of things/papers/embellishments/stories I put in it. If I get even one comment about it, well, wouldn't that be hilarious!


  1. "Prance" is totally the right word :-) If you wrote a write up of how you're doing it, I'd definitely read it with interest. I've seen a couple bloggers talk about Project Life now so I'm getting a little curious...

  2. Great work friend!
    Your pages look great and all that matters is that you're telling your story ;) I sound a little fake there but I do actually mean that.
    As for a write up, I would read and shoot off a comment. I am also thinking about Writing one up. Maybe we can just read each others and call it a day.

    I'm off to take my speed and have my first nap. Ha!

  3. Lisa, I'm actually curious. Where did Project Life come from? I've only ever heard you talk about it and I'm wondering what the whole idea is. I gather from these photos and pages that you do a page per day for the entire year?

    Fill me in, sista!

  4. I expect to see Unicorns every time I finish a week of Project Life. That is yet to happen... probably why I have paused (err, given up) doing mine....

    Love that you've made progress though :) And I'd love to see your process!


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