Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Melton the Warm-Hearted Snowman

Date: December 12, 2012
Location: Kameyosek Elementary School Gym
Event: Dude's Christmas Concert
Participants: Me, Russ, Mom, Grannie & Pa. And Dude of course!

Oh my. My Proud-Momma metre went skyrocketing through the roof the other night! My son sang at a Christmas concert! WOOOOO-HOOOOOO!

He spotted Grandma at the front, so he got really excited and started looking for the rest of us. I think most of the younger kids spent more time looking for Moms & Dads than they did participating in the concert!

Yes...he is wearing headphones. And no, they are not part of a costume. Back in Kindergarten we discovered that he has a big issue with loud noises in the gym. He would get upset, cry, and need to leave the room during assemblies. His teacher thought it might be a sensory issue (she even sent home a big pamphlet for me to read), but I think it's just a Lucas idiosyncrasy!

But he sang! He actually participated in the concert! Well...I don't know if he was actually singing, or just mouthing the words (the chorus to be exact), but I don't even care! It was amaze-balls!

The whole show was pretty good actually. I can't even imagine the logistical nightmare of getting all those antsy kids out of their classrooms in time, and get them up on the stage, and then back off the stage and the new group following behind.

I was left remembering my Christmas Concerts in elementary school. I remember dressing up, and maybe even getting to wear a little makeup! I remember playing in the classroom until it was our turn. I remember the lights, bright in my eyes and warm on my face.

And when I got older, I remember being in the choir, and being in the show! Having a speaking part, singing an extra song. Getting to wear a costume! Our music teachers were amazing, and often composed and played all of the music for each concert. We didn't have microphones or sound systems. It was amaze-balls too.

And my Grandpa probably has video of all of those as well....the tradition continues! HA!

later loves


  1. Anonymous11:51 am

    Awww. How exciting. I don't clearly remember my Christmas concerts, although I know I was in them. I remember we did the Christmas Carol in elementary school and I was the narrator. That still doesn't make any sense to me, considering I HATE public speaking and that was one of the larger roles in the end.
    Good for Dude for participating. What a champ.

  2. I love this happy, lovey dovey post! It makes me so happy!
    Yeah to you Lucas!!!


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