Friday, November 02, 2012

I was working in the lab, late one night...

On Halloween....

Technically, this first set is "What to Wear to a Halloween Party That May or May Not - Probably Not - Fall on Halloween." Yep.
 I'm Alice in Wonderland, after she ate those cookies and busted out of the house. Y'know....the Disney version. I made the house out of some boxes I had around my house, and painted it that afternoon. The apron & wig are from Value Village. The dress is my bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding!

I made the headband and added the lace to the apron. And this is all "day of" stuff. Nothing like leaving an intricate and complicated homemade costume to the last possible second!

My handsome date: Marty McFly!

And here we go for actual Halloween night outfit....warmth wins!
And check out my new coat! I hate winter coats, but I figured I should get one cause I live in Edmonton and everything. And it gets cold here! I've got tights and leggings on, a couple of sweaters, & my insulated mittoves. The scarf is new, and not nearly warm enough. The headband was a gift! And my photographer was drafted last minute, as I was trying to get everyone out the door in between Trick-or-Treaters, so he can be forgiven the strange angles and out of focus shots!

In Edmonton we base our kid's Halloween costumes on whether or not a snow suit will fit underneath. Cause sometimes we get some of the white stuff on this year! It was so beautiful out, but the wind was wicked. Dude only made it to about 10 houses before we called it a night.
My handsome skeleton date for the evening! He was a real trooper!

And that is Halloween, people. I am kind of rushing through this post because my monster of a to-do list isn't going to do itself today! Don't forget to check out the other What to Wear Ladies...

I think I got everyone....and now I am off to get some more awesome done before I gots to go pick up Dude!
later loves


  1. The coat looks awesome!! As does that costume. It is so totally bizarre to see you with long blonde hair!

    I hope your to-do list is getting done!

  2. Cory says to Russell... What''s with the life preserver McFly? :)

  3. Your costume is super awesome! Definitely does not look like something you whipped up last minute. Therefore, you know, we can forgive the late postings ;-) Also, can I just say how jealous I am about having snow on Halloween? Because I'm pretty jealous.

  4. Love the coat!! And I totally knew what your costume was just by looking at the picture - very creative idea! :)

  5. Oh my god, I can't even... ! Your Alice costume is so freaking awesome. I love that you added the house! :) xo

  6. I love you costume!!!


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