Monday, November 05, 2012

I Am A Scrapbooker...

This is one of those words I use to define my head. Artist, coffee drinker, Mom, scrapbooker, cynic, Adventureketeer, etc. I thought I would share a couple of layouts here that I've completed recently.

Please note: I am still obsessed with neon. I am still obsessed with my new stamps. I am still scrapbooking events that happened two, three, and even five months ago...that's just how I roll. I keep a small stash of supplies in my DR for scrapping on the fly, so I use the same things over and over again until they are gone and then I move on to the next latest and greatest.

I am being more diligent (HA!) in posting these to Flickr, so you can always see more up-to-date stuff there (if not here as well). I just can't gauge the interest in these....ah fuck it. I like em! I'm sticking to it!

Who's blog is it anyway?!

later loves

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