Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if I am too easily influenced. If I am too easily swayed by popular opinion.....or by close-friend opinion.

I see a news article, and I think "YES! That is exactly what I think!  How serendipitous!" And then I see another article, perhaps in opposition, or from a different side of things. And I think, "no WAIT! I have changed my mind.....THIS is what I think. Yes, YES! This is it! I have decided...."

And sometimes I think this is very troubling. Am I this easily swayed? Am I this easily coerced into changing my well-earned and well-deserved opinion? That is troubling. I would like to think of myself as open-minded. I love to see all sides of the story. And I love to read about what the "opposing" side thinks, and give a moment (or two, or ten) to that train of thought. At school (University, people), we were always encouraged to think critically, and to evaluate every side and every possibly anticipated argument. And that was the whole point of scientific discourse!

And then I look at the relationship I have fostered with BFF. And I wonder how all of this fits. I find myself changing.....but it is NOT troubling in the least.

I now listen to CKUA, and have even donated! (note: BFF is on the "Leadership Donor" list...so....yeah......BUT I WAS MENTIONED ON AIR JUST NOW (~10pm, Thursday, November 1) SO THAT'S KIND OF TOTALLY AWESOME!!!). I listen to "his" podcasts, and read authors that he has recommended. Or at least randomly mentioned in a conversation or two. I watch movies that he likes, and have even noticed myself looking at my house, my life and the world through eyes that remind me of his. Of things that he has said, and "thought out loud" about.

Is that weird? Is that troubling?

I prefer to think of this as a place for me to learn and grow. And to discover new things and new experiences. And to find a partner to explore a world that I totally belong in, but that would never have found on my own. And there is always room in life for that!

And I think I am becoming a more "well-rounded" person for it. A better person for it. Gasp!

I am continually amazed at how much an adult can change and grow every year. I see things move so quickly for Dude, that I (sometimes) forget that I do the same. If not on a less noticeable scale.

I think that sometimes a new friendship, or a new perspective on things is exactly what is needed in life. To get out of a rut, or to inspire new thought, new action, new inspiration. This is kind of amazing, and I can't wait to see what happens next. And what continues to happen. I never thought I would find a best friend in my 30s that inspires me, and continues to push me to be my best. I am surprised, and excited...............and really need to stop drinking so much rum on Thursday nights! Ack! Rum + blogging is a dangerous combination for me! (Please remember, I am writing this on Thursday night, at about 10 pm.....I am not drinking on a Tuesday morning.....geeze!)

Anyhoo...I sometimes wonder if BFF feels the same about me....hmmm.

Do you find your tastes changing as you age?
Do you feel you are always growing as a person?
Is there anything (or anyone) who inspires you to grow, and change and "be the best you"?

later loves


  1. I definitely think I'm always changing and growing. I think it's hard not to, especially nowadays with the Internet. There is just so much information available to you, that if you're not constantly growing, you must just be a weirdo reading the same thing over and over again.

    I also think you change depending on who you are hanging out with at the time because that person introduces you to new things. For instance, I listen to a lot of new music now that I'm with Ian, not just because he likes it (I hate a lot of his music and make that known!), but because I do too, I just hadn't heard it before I met him.

    I hate the idea of a life where I'm not always changing and growing. I mean, what would be the point of that!?

  2. AWESOME post, Lisa. My tastes are becoming edgier. Likely because I don't give a #%$^ anymore what people think. I am absolutely growing. Many people. There are heroes everywhere. In fact, you're one of my creative- heroes. (hmmm, should that be hyphenated, I wonder?)

    1. Awww...Electra! Thanks hun!!


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