Thursday, November 15, 2012

Awww...a family dinner!?!?! a family dinner...

Every Sunday, for as long as I can remember, we have met at my Dad's place for dinner. I have two brothers, and a sister, all of whom have families of their own now. My grandparents and my aunt live very close, so they are always in attendance as well. Sometimes we add a cousin (or two), or an extra aunt & uncle (if they're in town). It is a perfect tradition that I hope my sister will continue when my parents are no longer able...y'know, cause she actually has one of those house things that is necessary for such an event. Yes Amy, you read that right. I just volunteered your house and kitchen for all Sunday Dinners from now on! Serves you right for wanting a "space of your own" and to "be a grown up" and stuff! HA!

Anyhoo...where was I going with this...???

Oh that's right! As Dude & I were driving home "last night" (aka tonight), he asked if it would be a good night to go to the hill! YES!! The weather was perfect/gorgeous/not-too-cold, and we had some time before I made dinner and headed out to Zumba.

So, instead of taking "what to wear to a family dinner" photos, I took "what to wear to the sledding hill behind your house because your son is adorable" photos.

I'm hoping the other ladies followed the rules this the What to Wear Family, and spread some blog-love today!

later loves

p.s. I will share a "funny" story about this particular outfit next week...oh Lisa... And have some photos from our adventure on the hill as well! Yay winter!! (yes...I totally just typed that people...)


  1. Yay winter, indeed. Did you get on the hill, too!? I haven't gone sledding in years. I think I'd like to change that this year. :)

    You're adorable, as always.

    1. I didn't do any sledding last night. I was the official photographer...and also I was wearing a

      Dude & I do lots of sledding every year. It's one of the nice perks to living beside a giant park! Oh live IN a GIANT PARK! Dude...get out there!! And go sled down a mountain or something! (wink)

  2. OH MY GOSH ZUMBA. I just started taking classes, and oh my goodness where have I been? It's SO much fun!
    Yay sledding! I think you picked the right outfit ;)

  3. I love sledding! I think I'm getting a little too old for it though, because it's starting to hurt more and more; feeling every bump on the hill, ugh! :) so fun though. I like your headband, I've been thinking about shopping around for one this year; super cute.

  4. I'm always so jealous when I see snow! We barely have any :( (I mean, not now but in year, we don't even have white christmases) You look warm though! I wish I had a pretty headband like that.

  5. What a rule breaker ;-) The print on your scarf is awesome, and it looks so soft! I'm so jealous of your snow and ability to go sledding. Sounds like a ton of fun!

  6. What a fun weekly tradition! Neither of our families are close by so all of our get togethers go on for days which is sometimes taxing :) Where you live looks incredibly cold but you look really cute! I look forward to seeing your hill adventure pics!


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