Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winter Blues

I think I've got them real bad...the high of autumn and the start of a new season has faded fast. And now I am wallowing in dark mornings, and early nights. No energy, no time, no spark.

I have been writing in my journal daily. Doodles, and lyrics, and deep thoughts made pretty. I have been reading, and hanging out with Dude, and lighting candles, and going for coffee.

I have been doing and living, but the blogging bug is not biting.

Which is weird. For me, at least.

I thought I would try and get back in to the mood, or the swing of things, or what have you, by creating a "Better Late Than Never November List"

1. Have people over to my house....GASP....even if it's just Nadine & Cory! (or BFF)

2. Go for a coffee date with someone other than BFF (this one's going to be tough!)

3. Buy some Christmas gifts...make some too!

4. Make a baby shower gift.

5. Get all that JUNK out of my basement once and for all.

6. Go to the symphony.

7. Go to a movie (hello James Bond....)

8. Be the best Lakewood Community League Secretary & Office Helper I can be!

9. Plan one renovation and GET STARTED!

10. Make a mini album...or two...or ten! (I just bought some paper with this in mind...and I'm already feeling better about it!)

And that is that. We'll see what happens....
later loves


  1. Anonymous11:29 am

    If I were in Edmonton, I would scratch that coffee date right off that list for you. Also, I am dying to see the new James Bond. I just said that last night to Ian and he was like, 'Ick. Really!?' What a party pooper.

    Sorry to hear about your winter blues. I'll admit that I'm fighting them right now, myself. I even took a Vitamin D the other day, as a superstitious 'this will make me feel better' cure. I'll admit, it didn't do the trick, but at least I took action, right!? Right!?

    1. I drink loads of water with Vitamin C powder in it. LOADS!

      If I'm watching (recorded) tv with Russel, and the commercial comes on, I make him rewind it and go back so I can watch it all. I love James Bond....

  2. I am feeling the same way!! It's dark when I get home and I just want to put on my Pjs. I made myself go to the craft store this week to start a project to get out of the winter-is-coming funk. So far so good. And, there is felt everywhere. hah. Sending you some sunshine! xo

    1. I love felt projects! Especially in the winter....

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