Friday, November 16, 2012

Over Sharing?

Last week I got a lovely comment from Pen Pal/ Blog Buddy Nicole saying she would have a "surprise" for me on her blog the next day! Whee!! Turns out, she nominated me for something, and I have some questions to answer?!....I'm not sure, there was a lot of reading involved....but I saw my name and that's what counts! So here are my answers...

Nicole's Questions
Who let the dogs out? For serious, tell me. Who did it?
I found a meme about this the other day but I can't find it now. It gave me a hearty chuckle. Going looking for it has taught me a valuable lesson...don't go searching the Internet for random memes. There are gross things out there people....Gross. Things. Although, if you are looking for a funny one, check out my friend Sarah. She's amaze-balls.

What was your favourite song in grade nine?
Ha! Grade nine?! I can barely remember my favourite song from last year! Grade nine for me was Nirvana, and Snow, and discovering Much Music and videos and new music. And buying my own music! Probably still on cassette tape. Oh dear...

What blog post did you read this week that made you go, "Hear Hear, Right on Sista!"
I really like Nadine's "Lift Me Up Thursday" posts. This one made me smile. Otherwise, I haven't been keeping up with my blogs lately, like at all. But I don't feel bad, and I don't really feel like I'm "missing" anything. Hmm....

What's your favourite thing about winter?
Making snow forts, and snow men, and snow bunnies, and snow dinosaurs, and snow giraffes in the front with Dude. The clear, crisp air at night affording the perfect view of my winter constellations (the other day I saw a full Orion for the first time this season and I did a little dance....)

When you go to Starbucks, or some other fancy coffee shop, what's your go-to beverage?
At Starbucks I usually just order a grande quad Americano, no room. When BFF & I go to Transcend, we tend to try a different Clover each time. That's like a fancy french press, and they use a squeegee! It is simple, but quite delicious!

Also, I guess I was supposed to post FIVE FACTS about
#1. I talk to myself all the time. Lucas learned how to speak very early because of this fact. In the car, in the kitchen, as I'm getting ready in the morning or before bed, in the grocery store. I'm one of those old crazy ladies...but I hit my stride 50 years early.
#2. I love running up stairs, taking them two at a time.
#3. I freak out when meeting new people for the first time, especially if there are lots of them. Not unlike zombies. One at a time is much easier to deal with, but still panic-inducing.
#4. My best friend is a boy. The little girls in Lucas' class think this is hilarious! Dude's first "best friend" was a girl, and I have a feeling the next one will be as well. And somebody tell me what's wrong with that! No wait...don't.
#5. I can't think of a good one...I thought of about five other things, but none of them were very appropriate, or interesting. So.....I wish I had a guinea pig, I hate "the Christmas Season", I think everyone should donate blood, I love being alone, I love politics, I have a weakness for shopping online, I am so sarcastic and dorky in real life it is hard to believe I am not actually just a caricature of myself, etc. etc. etc.

And now I am supposed to "nominate" five suckers lovely bloggers to do the same! M'kay... Jen, Candace, Nadine, mumble mumble...If you want to play along, feel free! But I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. Except, for Nadine & Jen I will need to see something promptly and much better than this train wreck of a post. Cause it's not like either of you have anything else on your plate right now. I've seen you goofing off on Instagram. Geeze......wink!

later loves

UPDATED I just realized that I never posted any questions for my suckers to answer, if they choose to. So let's keep it simple stupid...
1. Favourite colour
2. Favourite song/band/artist/music
3. Favourite Book (or magazine, if you're not a book-reader)
4. Favourite Blog
5. What are you most looking forward to this season?


  1. Thanks for answering, pal. I adore the fact that you were into Snow. I am now going to go to YouTube to play "Everybody Wants to be Like You." Dance party time...

  2. Snow Giraffes? You Albertans are weird... nothing better to do?! Lol

    And I'll have to know that in between posting random pictures of absolutely nothing at 4:09 am on instagram, I am very busy. Doing. Stuff. That is very important. So there ;)

    1. I am going to find a picture of that snow giraffe just to prove how clever and awesome I am!

      You're from out east, aren't you? Yep...figures! ;)

  3. Informer.....blah blah blah blah blah blah ...blah. lol. Yes I responded!!! and even put pictures and such, actually I kinda love stuff like that and finding out new things about people. So thanks for the motivation, you and Nadine have inspired me to! BTW nothin wrong with having a boy as a bff, the only real differenece is he has a penis. big deal. Have a lovely day sugar plum.

  4. Thanks... I really appreciate this.... no... really. ;)

    As for a BFF as a boy...we should all be so lucky to find someone to connect with, love and call BFF. Penis or not.

    1. Geeze girls! All this "penis" talk...Clean it up, eh!

  5. oh... and I rarely goof off. Ha!


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