Sunday, September 30, 2012

Currently...Footloose & Fancy Free

9:40 am, dining room table

drinking: coffee coffee coffee
eating: crap, I forgot about my chia...
listening: the Footloose soundtrack on my record player
wanting: to scrapbook some more...lots lots more.
needing: to clean off the DR table!
thinking: "What am I afraid of?"
thankful for: awkward moments, hay bales, pen pals, pumpkins, blue prairie sky that goes on forever and ever
looking forward to: a future full of date nights

Can I just say that this album is one of the best soundtracks ever!? Ever people, ever. And look at Kevin Bacon's handsome tookus there. Have you tried out the new Google Bacon Number search feature? Just type in "Bacon Number" and the name of a star, and it will pop right up for you. John Wayne is a 2.

Also, carving stamps is my new favourite hobby. I was a busy girl this week! I finished a bunch of letters for a page I was working on, a new chevron pattern, an Xmas tree for BFF, and a couple of names for my girlfriends (with more on the way). It's super fun to design something, and then build it. And really spend time tweaking it and making it perfect. Quite satisfying actually. And I only cut myself twice!

I've got a bunch of TM blog work to finish today...oh my god...I just realized that today is the last day of September! Where on earth did that month go?! Anyhoo, a new month means a new month kit at TM, so I've got a bunch of posts to sort out for that. And I had another spectacular Saturday, with a little photo shoot. So there are all those pics to sort through. Also, this ass isn't going to get itself into shape...

later loves


  1. ...looks, and sounds, like FUN fun fun! Love that you got to have some 'play' time for yourself, it's hard to find as mama's eh? Enjoy!
    needle and nest design

  2. Anonymous10:37 am

    Yay for hay bales, pumpkins, blue skies and lovely days with lovely company. Seriously, Saturday was perfect. It was so low key and relaxed. You're a true pal, my friend. I'm stoked for many more adventures in the future!!

    Say hi to Dude for me!


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