Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Last Birthday Re-Cap Post...I Promise!

 Sunday, September 23. My official birthday. Plans were such: gym in the AM, followed by a coffee & movie date with BFF in the afternoon!

We went and saw Moonrise Kingdom at Garneau, after stopping at a very busy Transcend next door for a London Fog & an Americano.
The movie was awesome...I heart Wes Anderson. Lots of funny moments, and lots of awkward teenage love moments...awww. BFF made me a leather coffee cup sleeve with my name engraved on it! Say what?! I was floored, and stunned, and so happy! I mean, I knew he was crafty and handy, but that was just too perfect.

After he dropped me off at home I had a nap.

And then we went to my Dad's house for dinner...and cake! And I got to snuggle my one-and-only sweet-and-precious niece Miss Londyn. I love baby time, and we just don't see the youngest bro and his family enough. Shane celebrated his 27th birthday last week, so the cake had a couple of names on it!

Also, in case you were wondering, there were lots of dorky moments this weekend. Perhaps more than usual, in fact.

wink! love you! no...seriously...

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later loves

please note: this is the last of the Birthday Re-Cap posts, but I've still got a bunch of scrapbooking stuff coming at ya that is birthday related! HA! And you thought you were in the clear, off the hook, and all that jazz. No such luck peeps!


  1. No way - birthday stuff is awesome :) Do eight more posts - I won't complain!
    Happy belated birthday fellow September baby! Glad you enjoyed your day!
    P.S. Do you like that I'm being less stalkerish? ;)

    1. September Birthdays Rule!

      Yes, I like that you're being less of a stalker and more of a friend. So much that I am going to be emailing you there!


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