Monday, October 01, 2012

Relive The Good Times

One of the reasons I love scrapbooking is that my terrible memory clouds a lot of the small details of a day or an event. Ah hell, it clouds some of the giant screaming important details as well! But when I scrapbook the event/moment right away I can capture some of those little details. Or those feelings. Or whatever. The simple stuff that would otherwise be lost to time. Looking back through my albums allows me to relive those memories and moments a little better than a standard photo album would.

I mean, it's fricken October First already! And if I haven't mentioned it enough, where the frick did September go?!?! And looking at this page I am reminded immediately of the heat of this August day. I remember the prickly grass on the hills. I remember watching for my brother and getting excited when I saw his tell-tale walk & figure approaching. I remember all the indecisions & the beer gardens & the introductions & the contraband wine & the laughs cause I'm so damn hilarious & the secrets shared.

This was a good best day spent with my BFF.

for the scrapbookers: The pattern paper is Basic Grey & Echo Park. Stencil is Crafter's Workshop & Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. I thought I was quite clever with all the chevron patterns! Sticker letters are Prima. "Hello Friend" stamp is Pebbles, and the ink is Adirondack pigment. "Today is" stamp from Elise's shop. She still has some left, if you are so inclined. And might I just add that the quality of these stamps are just awesome! I use mine on everything....well....not everything.

The leaves are my favourite part. They are die cuts that I inked the beejeezus out of. Yessiree.

later loves

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  1. Anonymous10:26 am

    I love blogging for the same reason you love scrapbooking. It's just such a great way to capture and savour the moments that I want to treasure... you know, before the ol' brain shoves them out and replaces them with the lyrics to bad pop songs that play far too often on the radio.


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