Monday, October 01, 2012

Being Awesome: Day Eleven

Prompt #11:
Volunteer your time.

I volunteer with my Community League, on the Board. I am the Secretary, and I also get the mail and write the cheques. We are a tiny little League, struggling to get volunteers, and host events, and do all the things that Community Leagues used to do back when I was a kid. I complain about this "job" quite a lot, but once I get to the meetings, or get going on cheques, I feel really great. One of my very good high school friends is the President, and I know that for every cheque I write that's one less thing that she has to worry about.

later loves

p.s. It's not business. It's your life. Why do people say that, "it's just business"? Is that supposed to make things less shitty? Is that supposed to be helpful? Also, I have really been thinking lots and lots about following your dreams vs. being labelled as "selfish" and what a fine line that is. I dunno if I'm going to post about that here, or if I'm just going to give BFF an earful about it this week...stay tuned?!

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