Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I won! I caved...

First of all let me just say that I lead a rough life...sigh.

Also, I am caustically sarcastic, so you should never ever take anything I say seriously. Like, ever, people.

K. Maybe make that 95% of the time...

Anyhoo...I won a $50 Gift Certificate to Ruche last week on Elizabeth Kartchner's blog, of all places. For those of you who don't know who that is, well, she's kind of a big deal in the scrapbooking world. Her name is a dot com, for pete's sake! She gets thousands of comments on her giveaways, and I won it! What the deuce!?

So I immediately started wandering through the website, again, for like the 30th time that day I'm sure. And I made my selection...but I still had to wait for the actual gift certificate money before actually purchasing anything. Argh!

So, four days pass and a fairly popular fashion blogger posts a super cute outfit on her blog and she's wearing my skirt. ACK! This means that said skirt will just go ahead and sell out before I can get to it.

So I had to just buy it.

And now I have to find something else to "buy" with my GC.

See what I mean about my rough life.....

later loves

p.s. When I finally got my GC at the end of the day on Thursday, I spent it in the time it took to reply to the email in thanks...yep......


  1. Super cute autumn skirt. I look forward to seeing you in it!!

  2. Lisa that skirt will look divine on you!! Love it :)

  3. I totally screamed when I saw your name as the winner! True story!

  4. PS I saw that you won that giveaway, cuz I too love love love miss Elizabeth kartchner!! I live vicariously through her life! Haha but when I saw your name I was super jealous!!


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