Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Are there Dudes here?

Have I ever told you about the Man Made DIY site? It's full of handy info, cool design stuff, entertaining, fashion, and the like but geared towards people of the gentleman variety.
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I have found some awesome and practical tutorials on there (how to punch a hole in a leather belt, for example).
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He also shares some interesting cooking/baking/entertaining recipes. I would love to try my hand at making this 3D Death Star Cake, and anything made with beer is a-okay in my books! Oh, and his classic cocktail recipes are going to be in rotation at my next party, whenever I'm brave enough to make that happen. And can find some "Angostura bitters"......oh who am I kidding......BFF.....??

And since this is a site for men (not ladies like me), he posts cute manly awesome how-tos like this one: How To Dress for a Date Like You Know What You're Doing. I know (first hand) the dorky-lady version of this, but it's interesting to see the smart-dude take on it.

Pretty much the whole site reminds me of BFF. He's a walking-talking "Man Made DIY". Common phrases uttered are: "I'm thinking of building my own old-timey radio", "I bought this print online, I just have to make a frame for it with some of the scrap wood I keep in my garage for just such an occasion", and my all-time favourite, "They have that at Lee Valley". Oh BFF...I love you!

later loves

p.s. if there are actually real live DUDES that read my blog, you need to post a comment! What an achievement!

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