Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Fashion Posts Mean Dorky Faces

So, I don't have the benefit of a cooperative dude/lady in my life to take my Fashion Un-Able & What to Wear photos for me. I don't even own a tripod. But I do own a low stool/table and a camera with a self-timer.

This means I have some dorky dorky outtakes for all my lame-o, amateur fashion shoots. But one of the things you might have learned about me recently is that I absolutely DO NOT take myself too seriously. Or this blog. Or my fashion sense. It's all for fun, peeps. Hence the outtakes...
Cute skirt - dorky face........but.....DIMPLES!
Sometimes the self-timer works when it's not supposed to, and sometimes the opposite is true. Detail shot? Let's go with it!
 Here I am, pointing at this lock and making the most ridiculous face I possible can, but not on purpose. It's not until I look at the display on my little purple friend and realize...

And I still haven't worked out all the kinks in my "jumping photo" repertoire. I will keep working on it...maybe that can be a 2013 Goal! Dude! That's so LAME!!

Tomorrow? A real fashion post for reals. No dorky. Scout's honour. K.....maybe a little dorky......

later love ya long time


  1. LOL I'm having a hard time doing self timer shots too.... -.-' just got my camera back from my friend so I have to do my get up again for tomorrows post.... although my photos from my iphone weren't too shabby I might just be lazy and stick with those!

    1. Do it! I've seen some iPhone photos that rival actual-camera photos!

      I've started asking the little one to take my photo. At least he is taller than my tripod, aka table!!

  2. haha! I think they all came out awesome. I have the same problem with self-timer doing whatever it wants. Buuut, I love your polka dot skirt!

    xo, Adriana.
    Horses of Ares

    1. Self-timer woes are just one item on the list of things I hate about taking fashion photos of myself! Location, lighting, and strange angles top the list as well!


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