Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Simple & Lovely, Makes Me Smile

I like having simple reminders of awesomeness up in my house. So when I turn a corner, or come home from work, I have a visual cue to make me stop and be grateful for something wonderful in my life!

This first spread is what I see when I walk in my front door! A picture of Lucas when he was just a little toddling thing. And the smaller photo is of my sister and her husband back when they were dating...in high school!

This next one is my DR wall. You may remember when I posted the changes to this wall. Well, after all of that, I decided to add some photos to the frames. I have lots of instant photos that I haven't scrapbooked, and maybe never will. But they look pretty awesome up on my wall.

And this last one is just across from the Green Wall. I bought this IKEA frame after drooling over it for a good year or so. I didn't want to bust out the glass to make it a proper message board, so I attach my photos with sticky tack or tape. This is where my love notes from Kara go as well!

See how easy it is to add a visually and emotionally pleasing space in your home! If you're not keen on displaying photos and love notes for the world to see, here is a super simple DIY for you to help add a sweet smile to your day every time you turn on your computer!

I made a super simple collage using Paint.Net to serve as my desktop background. Create a new file, then add some Instagrams or other digital photos to it. Vary the size of the photos to make things a little more interesting. You can easily change this up every month or so, depending on when the inspiration hits. I LOVE my background, and I smile every time I turn on the laptop and see this simple reminder of good times with my best friends!

later loves

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