Wednesday, July 04, 2012

My New Love

Continuing on with our theme of the week - Lovely Life - I wanted to share a layout I made, celebrating my new love affair with Spa Lady!
 A layout like this is perfect for those random Instagram photos we all have saved on our devices. I email all of my Instagram photos to myself so I can save them directly to my computer and print them off at my leisure. I know there are lots of printing services, but for the most part they print your Instagrams in albums, on magnets, or make them into posters. There is a good printing service (Postal Pix) but it is for iPhones only, as far as I am aware.

Here's a Tip: I save all Instagrams by date in their own special folder. When I am ready to print them - usually for Project Life - I open up a Word document and insert the photos. You can adjust the size of each photo very easily, fill a whole page with them, and print it off right at home!

I really wanted to add lots of journaling to this layout. The photos don't mean's the words that really count. So it doesn't matter that they're not pretty!

I challenge you to create a layout or project or blog post celebrating something that makes you feel totally awesome! It can be something you do for yourself, or someone who makes you feel amazing. And then link it up, if you don't mind!

Tomorrow I'll be back with something else! Yay!!

later loves


  1. Oi! I hate the gym. I find it so hard to motivate myself to go... although, lately, I feel a huge need to go. Send some of your gym love my way, would you?

  2. You're my gym hero, Lisa. Seriously.


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