Thursday, July 05, 2012

DO Flatter Yourself!

I treated myself - breaking my self-imposed shopping ban - and I bought a new pair of shoes. I know, I The typical girl weakness. But these are special shoes.

These are new gym shoes!

I bought new socks the other day - whoopty doo - to wear while working out. Please note: I HATE wearing socks while I work out. My feet feel weird. But I have noticed that my toes are starting to get tingly and my shoes stink like something dead crawled into them after eating some kim chi, and no amount of lavender and tea tree oil is getting rid of that smell! So...socks...bright white, beautiful sports socks. I wore them with my old shoes the other night, to Zumba. Afterwards, they looked like something dead had smeared itself all over them. Oh my. So I decided right there and then to get a new pair of shoes. Immediately!

So I biked home - I do that now - to pick up the car and headed straight to the mall.

I love my new ON SALE shoes! Russ says they are shiny.

My point? Oh right, the point of all of this...

It's okay to do something nice for yourself. You don't need a reason for a "reward" or for reaching a goal or whatever. Those are fine and all, but isn't just living every day and making it through worth treating yourself to a new pair of gym shoes for gosh sake!?

I sure think so! Sometimes I think we are too afraid to do things that feel good! There is always someone telling us that we don't deserve it, or that it's too much, or that it's wrong, even if that "someone" is just the voice in our head.

And sometimes it's not a voice in our head.

I've been getting some judging from people regarding some things I've been doing for myself lately. This talk almost made me second guess myself and these decisions and actions I have taken. But to all of that nay-saying I say, shuuush! I'm not hurting anyone, and I feel great about myself! Let me figure out if these choices are going to turn around and bite me in the arse! And let me do it on my own terms, not yours.

You let me do that, and I'll let you figure out your own shit and everybody's happy, okay!?


later loves


  1. Yeah! New shoes! I love the feel of new runners, like clouds on my feet while I run.
    I LOVE your shirt!!!! Oh and aren't those the jeans I love that may as well have been free!!!!
    I hope you're having a fabulous holiday with your cuties.

  2. I am so judging you for buying new shoes. God Lisa, you don't deserve to work out in such shiny shoes.

    JUST KIDDING!! You deserve every little thing that makes you happy.

    Also, lovely photos of you! I love your hair. Super-duper cute!

  3. I think u know I had to learn all this the hard way. When your outside starts to match your inside, no matter what...there will be people who will say you've changed. Hell ya. My shell has changed. My confidence is elevated. But me...the real me is the same. I've had the pity party for friends lost....still do, but in the end, don't hater the haters.


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