Friday, June 01, 2012

Three Wishes and Being a Responsible Adult

When I was younger I probably thought being an adult would be so wonderful. Being able to make my own rules, doing my own thing, going out with my friends all the time, seeing concerts and shows. Trying out new restaurants, new bars, new places.

And then reality struck me down. Those things take money. And - more importantly - those things take time, precious, beautiful, wonderful time. Time which is in short supply when you work and have a kid!

But I do okay. And I'm getting better...

And I have learned some important lessons, that might prove to be interesting to my younger self.

When you have so little time, you make time for the people who are most important to you.

You may not go to the fanciest restaurants, or the newest, coolest, shiniest places. Hell, you may end up at Starbucks every other night. But if you're there with the right person, it doesn't much matter.

And sometimes you have to make sacrifices and get a washer/dryer set instead of going to see Wil Wheaton in Calgary...

But sometimes great things happen and instead of a fun road trip you get to have a movie date with a best friend!

I still have big things I want to do and to see. But I'm not too worried about all of that. But if I was...

#1. Alisa Burke's Art Retreat
#2. Comic Con's on the bucket list
#3. Duran Duran anywhere

The little things now include items like fancy drinks with friends and fancy dessert with friends. But really, I would love a simple night out with some nachos, good beer and good company!

That is all people! Enjoy your day!! And can I just say "It's June Already!?!?!?!?"
later loves

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