Monday, June 18, 2012

A beer what!?

I think I am going to start calling this series: "Idiotic Alcoholic". Or "Even A Monkey Could Do It". In which I take ridiculous pictures of myself doing idiotic "DIYs". Yes. Yes, that sounds like an excellent plan. To that end...

Lisa Makes a Beer Spritzer!!

In which I add some stuff to beer and make said beer even more embarrassing than it already was to start with.

I am referring of course to the Bud Light Lime Mojito. Dear lord, I still feel like I am doing the walk of shame at the liquor store when I pick up a box of this stuff. But Dan - my resident beer expert - didn't laugh at me when I told him I drink it, so I'm considering that a pass.

You will need...
Alligator and polar bear are optional.

Ice first. Then pour all of your ingredients into your glass. Lots of lime is good. Some sort of sugar syrup is good too.

Stir and enjoy!
Please note: I tried to take a non-dorky thumbs up photo of myself. It just isn't possible.

Optional add-ins:
- 7Up. I tried this one, and it made it really sweet, but also sort of weird-tasting. I mean, "weider" tasting.
- A shot of rum. We've already gone this far toward a "hair short of crazy", why not jump all the way in!
- Lime juice. If you like things really limey. Which I do...
- Mint. Wonderful, delicious mint. My Mojito Mint plant has been positively flourishing on my front step, so I harvested a bunch of leaves for the purpose of science. And science tastes good, my friends.

And that is all peeps. I've got so much more fabulousness like this planned for the blog! I have been feeling too drained and frighteningly melancholy to do anything actually interesting or useful lately, so you are stuck with the closet freak show Lisa for the time-being. My apologies to the readers looking for more art and scrapbooking goodies...maybe that Lisa will rear her gorgeous head in the next month or so, but don't hold your breath in the meantime!

later loves


  1. Haha! Lisa, you're the best. That drink sounds dreadful, but as long as you like it, I won't judge. ;)

  2. This sounds deliciooous!! Methinks I shall make it happen soon.

    Related: in the Basque region they mix red wine (apparently box wine = the best) and Coke. As in Coca-Cola Coke. Half and half. Some say over ice, others say just with cold fizzy pop times.

    I tried it this wasn't bad, just definitely an acquired taste.


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