Friday, June 15, 2012

Man Things

Here is a timely post for Father's Day coming up this weekend. Not timely enough to be a useful online shopping guide, but fun nonetheless!

P.S. Russ isn't getting anything remotely this cool for Dad's day. But I just got a package of coffee for Mom's set!

Cassette tape coffee table, and alternately, this classic Nintendo controller. If only Russel liked the idea of a coffee table...

This trailer is so cute! I mean, clever and manly, and's so awesome!

I love pens. Love them! And I know R especially has a soft spot in his heart for a good pen, as I'm sure do most dudes. And this Seven Year Pen is both design-gorgeous, and economically wonderous! In fact, I might just have to pick one up for myself. One, or three...just pretend I am pre-buying for birthdays down the road.

...and really anything on the Man Made DIY site is man-food for thought, my friends.

Handmade leather goods. Love handmade, love leather. And what is more manly than leather?

Beer...mighty mighty beer.
I love this photo on Mandi's blog. The list in tiny print on the blackboard. With the shiny tap there! Swoon!!

I was out on a "date" at the Sugarbowl the other day, and now I am wishing I took a picture of their menu. Dan & I were in beer heaven...I opened the menu and was happily surprised to see that the majority of it was BEER! I might have said "whee" or something to the like, and immediately directed Dan's attention to all the fricken beers! And then I flipped the menu over, and there were more!! Dan knows more about beer than me, so he spent some time looking over the menu. And I did not...I asked our server for a recommendation, and she didn't have one, so I just picked a Wisconsin gluten free. Dan's was dark and delicious-looking. Mine tasted sort of like a beer-spritzer, but it was still good.

later loves

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