Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Finds

Oh my. The list is a doozy today!

Handmade gorgeous shoes from Bali: ELF

This art is absolutely stunning and breath-taking!

An IKEA hack that doesn't involve carpentry skills? I'm in!!

Learning to draw book series by Peter Jenny.

This hanging succulent garden is quite lovely. This one too! So far I only have one tiny succulent to my name, but it's growing so I feel confident to get some more!

This sign was made for me!

HEY CHANTEL! It's Zentangles in real life!

While it may seem pricey, I would totally spend $7 on an envelope that is also my stationery!! Go Aerogram! How Jane Austen of them! I love their cards and other stuff as well!

This installation is heavenly! And so inspiring! I want to go and make some of my own giant cross-stitch!

Another wood DIY that I can get behind. I have been wanting to make a wooden headboard for some time, and I think this is just the right thing to get me started!

Neon paper in a chalkboard covered notebook. Need I say more?

Thanks to the Poppytalk Handmade blog for all my links today! I spent some time there on Thursday (catching up in Reader) and I had forgotten how much I enjoy their site! You should check it out for yourself!

later loves


  1. ahhh love that ikea hack!!! I'm gonna have to do that one! Man I need to catch up on my blogging! But I just got back to work from mat leave so that might be out of the picture! But i'm glad i popped back onto your blog and caught up.... is it weird and creepy that we haven't met up yet but i feel like we've known eachother for ever!! haha

  2. My vote for my FAVE is the Ikea drawers. Gorjuss!


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